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What services can WPS Welding Services offer? :

Welders training courses and testing examinations

Before the welders are employed or qualified they can be tested on their welding skills, you will receive from us a welder assessment report which indicates the comprehension level of the welding process.

We also clarify in this report which discipline is most appropriate for your welder (petrochemicals, shipbuilding and construction).

Under the supervision of one of our welding experts/professionals we can also offer welders the opportunity to follow a tailor-made welding course.

After agreement with you, a training schedule will be drawn up that matches the demand of the market in which your company operates. This schedule may be completed in accordance with the correct welding qualification/certificate.

Welding qualifications

An LK / WPQR is a proof of skill or potential craftmanship in which it is shown whether a welder is capable of welding according to a particular standard the material with the welding process shown therein.

WPS Welding Services is aware of the specific needs of our customers and distinguishes itself from the competition through flexibility and speed with which we can accommodate you in tailoring your welders.

Due to our daily certification capabilities, we can best meet your demand. In case of enough entries, this may also be possible on Saturday.

WPS Welding Services can qualify your welders based on the following standards:

• NEN-EN-ISO 9606 Series

• ASME section IX

• AWS D.1.serie

• This is possible on virtually any of the common welding processes and materials

Welding method – Qualifications (LMK / PQR)

An LMK / PQR is a company-based qualification. This shows a company that it has the welding knowledge for welding the customer-requested connections.

Also for WPS Welding Services, from the beginning to the end of welding skills qualifications (LMK / PQR) for your company.

This according to the applicable (inter) national standards, eg:

• NEN-EN ISO 15614 Series

• ASME section


• Norsok

WPS Welding Services can provide you with the entire qualification process.

We use a “no cure no pay” policy to guide the entire LMK / PQR process. For clarification regarding this method please contact us.

All NDO and DO investigations are conducted only by recognized laboratories who report on the results obtained.

If these results meet the requirements that prescribe the (inter) national standard (s), an authority will issue a procedure.

Las certificates – renewals and transitions to ISO 9606

WPS Welding Services can also offer the service to extend your welders certificates to maintain their validity, making your welders useable with their qualifications at any time.

You can also contact us for the conversion to the new ISO 9606 standard. This is possible with certificates issued by all authorized agencies.