Welding at its best

About us

Exceeding-Allegiance is a modern company that is specialized in educating, training and qualifying companies (LMK) and welders (LK) in an industry with increasingly higher demands on the welding according to a variety of (inter) national standards ( ISO 3834, EN 1090, PED, ASME, AWS etc.).

Exceeding-Allegiance can offer in this area a tailor-made service thanks to a team of experts and professional welding instructors with practical knowledge thanks to their many years of experience in training and certifying of welders and companies.

Due to the professional and personal guidance of our welding experts throughout the qualification process from beginning to end, we have a high rate percentage of success for many years.

We understand better than anyone else that time is money for companies that are operating in this sector therefore we are committed to serve our customers quickly and professionally. In most cases, depending on the amount of applications applying today will result to an immediate examination the following day.

Due to our flexible approach and excellent cooperation with authorized agencies such as DNVGL we can work quickly and efficiently. Thus we, providing that the welding examination results are positive, are able to minister and take care of the qualification process at your earliest convenience.

Welding qualifications where a mechanical exam (such as bending test, macros and the like) is not required can even be provided within 2 to 3 days. Qualifications which do require the mechanical test can be certified within 4 to 5 days. The condition for this guarantee is of course that the welders already have a large welding experience of the material and the welding-process for which they are being tested.